not the best summer

June 13, 2007


My bar resume goes back 20 years. Perhaps this is why no one wants to hire me -I’m too old.

Looking for work sucks! Today I walked my ass up (in dress shoes no less) to Times Square from Chinatown only to be told that they hired someone yesterday for the job I was trying to get. As I walked back home and recalled the past month’s worth of interviews, cover letters and resumes sent and all of the friends’ friends who I met because they would “certainly give me a job” but didn’t, well – I couldn’t help but feel like the biggest loser on the fucking planet.

On the upside – the jeans that didn’t fit me last year are now loose. Yay Poverty!

One Response to “not the best summer”

  1. Lee Says:

    Yes, one day Aaron will blog-post again! Gee womp-willikers, he will one day blog-post again!

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